Cake tips

DSC_0007We have sold a lot of cake mix in the last few weeks and we wanted to say Thank You to all of you pastry ninjas for going on this tasty ride called cake life with us.  With all the feedback we get at the farmers markets and special events we do, I know you have had awesome success with the mix and making it with your kids.  Thanks for coming out to support what we are cooking up.  I wanted to give you a few tips to get more from the cake mix you already love. Lets see if we can get you to be “in love” with it.

  • Mix that cake!! 

Just mix it up and keep mixing, maybe let it rest for a few minutes and mix it again. Why? Well I’ll tell you…. the sugar we use is an Evaporated Cane Juice sugar and the crystals are not as fine as those you see in a packet.  We like good ingredients so the less refined sugar we use is better for you and is taster in your mouth. The larger crystals take a little extra to melt into the batter so let it rest a bit and Mix That Cake!!

  • Get the fat out

Maybe you love chocolate cake but hate fat… well this tip is for you. Replace the oil in the recipe with equal amount of applesauce. Yes applesauce I know that may sound crazy but its not and its not nice to call me names I’m just trying to help. So go here if you don’t believe me. In fact you can also replace it with coconut oil and that’s good for you so…. talking about substitutions

  • Change it up

The cake is nice and tasty, yes, well how about replacing the water with coffee, you’ll get a nice mocha cake.  Go see our friends at and get, in our humble opinion, the very best coffee available. Coffee not your thing? Well how about orange juice. Oh its so good! You don’t even know.  Chocolate (almond) milk will give the cake a slightly different texture and a more chocolatey taste.  Maybe add in a small amount of bourbon into the water with a bit of vanilla and get a crazy adult flavored cake that will have your friends questioning their own taste buds.

Go out my Cake Wizards and bake, bake the world and take pictures, cause “pics or it didn’t happen!” Take those pictures and share them with your friends, making them totally jealous of your skills. If your questioned on how you became such a good baker just smile, pop your shirt and say “What you didn’t know”

Much ado about Cake Mix…


Sometimes people ask “What else can I do with the cake mix?” I usually say paperweight? Or doorstop? They don’t laugh. So because we are not that funny we had to come up with other answers. How about cookies? Yes cookies. Thats not crazy, stop calling me crazy. Its just cookies from a cake mix, no biggie. These cookies won’t be crispy like other cookies, they are cake cookies. In fact all you need to to is keep the oil the same and cut the water by more than half. If you are using one of our bags of cakemix you’ll use 1/3 a cup of oil and less than 1/2 a cup of water. Mix all that stuff in a bowl until its smooth-ish. It will seem like you don’t have enough liquid, you do. Its a cookie not a cake so the batter should not be loosey goosey. It should be tight like last years Christmas sweater. Scoop that chocolatey goodness up and drop ‘em off on your closest lined cookie sheet and toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Now the hard part, place it gently someplace to cool completely, completely. When they are cooled off dust them with some powdered sugar and eat with your face. When your done with that dust the sugar off your face and enjoy the rest of your day.

If you have any ideas for what we can do with the cake mix let us know at and put “cake mix ideas” in the subject box.

Very basic Vanilla Buttercream

Three ingredients, thats it.  This is a recipe for a super basic American style buttercream.  We will be using this recipe in the future to make so many other butter creams and toppings for our cake mix, if you master this simple recipe you will be ahead of the curve. (what curve)

  • 4oz fat (vegan margarine, butter, shortening, whatever)
  • 1.5 cups powdered sugar
  • one teaspoon Vanilla

Beat up the softened fat in the mixer(with the paddle attachment), add 2/3 of the powdered sugar and begin the creaming process. Start slow on a low setting so you don’t make a powdered sugar mess all over yourself.  When combined add vanilla and mix again. When its smooth, taste it… would you like it sweeter? add the rest of the powdered sugar and whip it up again.  Let that stuff spin in the mixer until its so smooth and sexxy you can’t stand it. If you did your job your buttercream should look something like this. Im sure it looks just like the lusciousness in this photo, and your feeling like the boss you are.